This is the blog of "Speculative Design", a course taught during the spring semester 2020, as part of the M.A. program in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at IDC Herzliya.
The course was taught by Dana Gordon, assisted by Netta Ofer.    
Here we present all of our resources and document the students' ongoing work.

Speculative Design

This course provides an introduction to Speculative design from both HCI and the artistic perspectives. It unfolds the history, approach and process of speculative design: critical design, design research, research through design and design fiction. These design approaches can assist technology designers to better study and understand how technology influence and interact with our society and culture. We will examine classic projects, theories, and approaches in this field, and provide students with tools to apply such methods in their future developments.

Course Goals

Learning about Design Research from the perspective of the cultural and social aspects. The students will examine their existing research projects using the prism of Critical & Speculative Design. In order to stretch their habitual perspective, students will use creative fictional medium focused on the cultural and social aspects. Eventually, students will create speculative design proposals to challenge our preconceptions about the role products and technology play in everyday life.

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